Types of School Waste

With close to 25,000 schools in the UK, the waste that each school produces contributes significantly to the carbon footprints of their local communities.



Some of the most common types of waste which schools produce are:

  • Paper and card –including packaging
  • Food – Kitchen waste and leftovers
  • Packaging – Plastic bottles, tin cans, tetra Pak, card based
  • Litter and General waste from rubbish bins around the school
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), eg. computers, televisions
  • Furniture – broken tables, chairs


School Waste Bins

School waste comes in many different forms which is often the reason many schools struggle with implementing an efficient school waste management system.  Increasingly, schools are being viewed as role models for eco-friendly responsible waste management.  


Bins, Collection, and Recycling Services

Circom can provide your school with a uniquely tailored school waste management system, ensuring that your requirements are comprehensively met.  Whether you require more bins and containers for the different types of waste you produce, or simply need more frequent collections of your waste, we will aim to meet your needs in the most efficient way possible.  We can also easily reduce collection frequencies non-term time to keep costs down.


Service Collection windows

For schools and establishments with specific access restrictions, Circom can develop a specific collection solution to meet the needs.  Ensuring vehicles are not onsite at unsuitable times.


Moving towards zero waste to landfill

As much waste is recovered for recycling as possible through utilisation of the latest regional waste processing technologies.  After putting the right waste in the right bin, then non-recyclable waste types are then converted into Refuse Derived Fuel which is then used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

If you require further assistance and advice, contact our recycling team at Circom for more details.