Waste management in the Care Sector

Previous Situation:

  • All waste was mixed in black bags
  • Only cardboard segregated for recycling
  • 90% of waste to landfill
  • High spend, over ¬£3500 p.a.
  • Health and safety concerns with heavy bins due to food waste



Circom Solution: New Recycling Programme




  • Site audit to examine recycling opportunities, and cost reduction¬†
  • Communication programme, identifying waste types for segregation
  • Cardboard, Plastics, paper, tins, all put into the Mixed Recycling bins
  • Recycle food waste and low cost by reducing the weight of your general waste


Benefits for your Care Home for Recycling

  • 100% avoidance of waste from landfill
  • Meets environmental legislative requirements
  • Recycling 10 tonnes of food waste per year, which produces enough biogas fuel to power the kitchen for 100 hours!
  • Reliable waste collections
  • H&S concerns relating to heavy bins resolved


Comparing Financial and Environmental Benefits